First thing this morning… #Selfie And now, back into the Dudio! #wakeywakey #putashirton
More vocal tracking today… Life is…good? @rustysunaudio @alcaeusband  #vogrrrs #alcaeus #weightworth #2K14 #studio #recording #lifeissuck
More vocal tracking today… Life is… Good?
Writing, writing, writing… Sometimes, I really hate this part. @alcaeusband #alcaeus #bandlife #lyrics #writing #ourmovement

It’s hard to be honest with myself, to stop denying how I feel about this. I’m fucking broken, and that’s all there is to it. I never sleep, but when I do, I have awful dreams involving you. And it’s always unpredictable how you’ll be from dream to dream. Sometimes, I find it reflective of all the things we ever went through. I’ve started drinking every day again, just to feel something…but it honestly just adds another nightmare to rest of the storm. The thing I feel the worst about is the fact that I could never be happy for you, for the path in life that you chose. I’ve always been frustrated, or upset, too selfish to just move on and let life carry us from the shore. I guess I should’ve been paying more attention, I guess I should’ve been happy for you, or tried to be. Maybe I should’ve been better at giving you a reason to smile, or maybe I should’ve just stayed asleep that night.
Oh, the mind and it’s troubles. I guess this is just another hard memory I’ll have to endure… Since, ya know, we never talk anymore.


happy holidays everyone







Parkway Drive 

Did they just wall of death on the equator?


I tried so hard not to reblog this. But it was just so amazing I had to.

someone wall of death with me at the equator

^I will 

Favorite thing ever 

I am the pulse beneath your skin,
I am the tingle within your limbs,
I am the breath behind your teeth,
I am the one you want to need.
I am the things you hate to love.

You are the itch inside my bones,
You are lust in a subtle dose,
You are the bites upon my skin,
You are the one I won’t let in.
You are the things I love to hate.

Contrary to common understanding,
Opposites don’t attract.
They repulse.


If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

In Hearts Wake - Loreley (The Lovers) [x]

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again. This time more intelligently.”

Henry Ford (via psych-facts)
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